Creative and Innovative Asset Management

A sound long-term asset allocation strategy is an important component of our wealth management services.  The arduous task of monitoring your investments and quickly responding to rapidly changing conditions in the market can be challenging.  Managing your assets requires a personal approach taking into account your current financial situation, your short and long term financial goals, and your tolerance for risk.

Careful Evaluation of Your Financial Goals

We carefully evaluate your financial expectations and investment history to determine the investment plan that fits your goals.  We ask all the right questions and have the resources necessary to help meet your investment needs.

Personalized Investment Solutions

We’re here to offer sound advice and a range of investment offerings to help successfully manage your assets.  The focus is on maximizing value and reducing costs while increasing returns.  Our dedicated financial professionals have the experience and training to address the diverse needs of our clients and help them move closer to their financial goals.

Our asset management services are personally designed to help you build a disciplined investment strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment Products

Fixed-Income Investments

  • Mutual Funds (income-oriented)
  • Unit Investment Trusts (income-oriented)
  • Municipal and Government Bonds
  • Money Markets
  • Certificates of Deposit

Equity Investments

  • Mutual Funds (growth-oriented)
  • Large Cap Growth/Value Funds
  • Small/Mid Cap Growth/Value Funds
  • International Equity Funds
  • Asset Allocation Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Unit Investment Trusts (growth-oriented)
  • Publicly Traded Stocks

Investments are subject to market risks, will fluctuate, and may lose value.

Strategies and Expertise for Effective Asset Management